“I was beaten into a pulp & had a miscarriage” Andile’s baby mama Sithelo opens up about abuse

Sithelo Shozi is a South African disc jockey and influencer. She’s not new to the entertainment industry, as evidenced by the impact she’s made so far. She is popular both in the real world and in the social media world. The famous disc jockey has gained a decent following on social media. She is most loved for her fashion style.

The talented star recently decided to break her silence anout being abused by Andile Mpisane. Sithelo recently took to social media to share about her experiences with Andile and his family and how she was allegedly abused by Andile Mpisane in front of his whole family. On one of her post she mentioned that she even had a miscarriage after allegedly being beaten by Andile.





Sithelo Shozi also spoke about how Andile would abuse her and then send her gifts to apologize for his bad behavior. When a lot people heard about this whole incident, a lot people were left stunned, while others sympathized with Andile Mpisane’s wife. Here are some of the things Sithelo shared on her Instagram stories.

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