‘I wanted to hit and run on Kelly, but she [email protected] me with Muthi’

Jub Jub didn’t miss a chance to reveal that Kelly Khumalo used Muthi on him. He was invited on the MacG’s Channel 0 podcast, where he said that kelly used muthi to charm her so that they could be together.



Jub Jub was in a three year beautiful and robust relationship with Amanda Du-pont when he met Kelly Khumalo, who was single. He doesn’t remember when he started falling in love with Kelly and forgot about her old girlfriend. He is still confused about why he believes that Kelly used some muthi on him. Amanda Du-pont ended her relationship with Jub Jub when she heard that he was hanging out with Kelly.

MacG wanted to know how he found out that Kelly was using muthi on him; he said his mother told him. He was no longer happy in a relationship with Kelly, but he couldn’t leave her. Every time he tried to end things, something was stopping him. He had no control over his feelings that why he doesn’t understand why he chose kelly over Amanda.

Kelly Khumalo is accused of using muthi on Jub Jub

MacG continued to ask him on the interview whether he wanted to end things with Amanda when he started hanging out with Kelly? He answered, “I wanted to do hit and run, but unfortunately, Kelly was smart enough to lure me with muthi”. He said that lot of people who have dated Kelly know that he uses muthi on them.

Jub Jub is a person who always tells the truth, but in his interview, he did reveal a lot of things. Many people were busy questioning the reason he left Amanda. But it was clear that he regretted wanting to do a hit and run on kelly. He ended up getting trapped in a relationship he didn’t want to be in. At that moment, Amanda wanted what was best for her and left the unhealthy relationship. The trap made him forget all those years he shared with Amanda. His mind was only thinking about kelly.

Jub Jub



People who listened to the interview think that Jub Jub doesn’t want to take the blame. He blames Kelly for using muthi on him because he doesn’t want to appear as a cheater.

After the interview went, viral people wanted to hear what Kelly had to say about it. But Kelly didn’t comment on the story because she is used to such things. Such news of her using Muthi on mam has been trending for a while in her life. So she doesn’t care if they bring them again.