‘I Swear Black People’s Culture Is So Beautiful’ Mzansi Left Impressed By This

Zulu lady caused a stir on Twitter after posting her picture-wearing tradition.

This happens many times in Zulu culture when a young lady turns 21 years still a virgin. Adults will kill a cow and make a ceremony for her as they celebrate with her for turning 21 years still a virgin.


Almost every year Zulu girls go to their private place where they got checked if they are still virgins and certificates are given to them to prove their virginity. The main purpose of this is to protect young girls from getting pregnant in the early stages, they, therefore, promise them a big ceremony if they can manage to turn 21 years still a virgin. Some they even receive big presents like cows and some properties such as houses or cars.

After this young lady posted her picture on Twitter, people left their thoughts. Many people believe that western culture has to pay to see this beautiful African culture.

Business-minded people think of making money out of this to bring more income to our country.

What’s your view about this?