“I love you big time” said Clement Maosa as he celebrates his grandmother’s birthday.

Many black households are not your normal households that are made up of nuclear families. Many children are raised by their grandparents while their parents work in the big cities. Some it is unfortunate because it is because their parents passed away. While some are headed by children. It is sad but a reality we are used to.




Clement Maosa is one of the most intelligent and hardworking people in the industry. He might not have any qualifications when it comes to acting but he is doing a brilliant job on Skeem Saam. When he is off our screens he is a lawyer and musician.

The actor was mostly raised by his grandmother after his parents passed away. He adores her and always takes every opportunity to thank her. He celebrated her birthday by getting her all that she needs. :A very happy birthday to my Grandmother… 🙏🏾🖤 I LOVE YOU BIG TIME!!!”. Happy belated birthday to granny she did a brilliant job with him.