“I have seen the evil woman that you are, I am taking Pretty to be my wife” – Lehasa tells Khwezi

Skeem Saam has now become one of the most watched soapies in SABC 1 as of June 2022. The love triangle between Pretty, Lehasa and Khwezi has caused a stir on the soapie and everyone sits down for it. One of the viewers who commented on Skeem Saam page on Twitter said she is now up for the scene between Lehasa and Pretty and cares less about the other scenes.Before Khwezi came into the picture, Pretty and Lehasa were dating and they separated when Pretty found out that she is pregnant and Lehasa denied that the baby was his. Pretty became very furious along with her family and ultimately opted for an abortion which became successful.


In the recent scenes, Lehasa and Pretty bumped to each other in a restaurant where Lehasa threw remarks on Pretty then Pretty retaliated with throwing a fork at him. Lehasa got hurt on his cheek and started bleeding. Pretty ran away but was very worried that Lehasa might lay charges against her and she then called him to meet up with him so she could apologise.When they met Pretty started apologising and then begged Lehasa not to lay charges against her. She further explained that she was still angry at how he treated her badly when she fell pregnant. Pretty confessed that Khwezi kidnapped her whilst Lehasa was jailed to lie about falling pregnant so that Lehasa would stay away from her. Lehasa started feeling guilty and started catching feelings for Pretty again and started seeing how evil Khwezi is.Lehasa then looked for a private investigator who would hack Khwezi’s phone so that he could delete that video where she forced Pretty to confess lies. Lehasa started becoming doubtful about paying lobola for Khwezi because she has now seen how dangerous she is.In the upcoming episodes Lehasa is seen furious and directly telling Khwezi that he has seen the evil woman that she is and she is going to marry Pretty instead of her.The beautiful love story of Pretty and Lehasa that everyone wishes to succeed will continue and not end in tears this time.Sources:

-Skeem Saam on SABC 1