‘I Have Not Done Anything Wrong By Shooting Namhla’ Boyfriend Makes Terrible Confession

South African online entertainment was humming since Friday the twentieth of May 2022 when the news broke about the merciless homicide of one Singwa Namhla Mtwa who was allegedly gunned down Multiple times on the chest, what incensed individuals considerably more is the proof that arose and circulated around the web via virtual entertainment showing how she was actually a utilized by the one who moved toward her and guaranteed her paradise and earth, yet he went to be a beast who was taking cover behind affection.



Reports arising recommends that Mfesane Bhekizulu who was once captured back on 2018 for homicide has ended the quiet and is glaringly rejecting that he has a say in Namhla’s shooting.

As per News24, Bhekizulu was on record waste ing that he knows something about the fierce homicide regardless of all the maltreatment proof that is all over online entertainment, notwithstanding, the police presently have focused on him as the excellent suspect because of the multitude of upsetting messages he has been sending her before she was killed.

“Dubious Eastern Cape financial specialist Major Mfesane Bhekizulu has denied claims that he is behind the homicide of his sweetheart, Singwa Namhla Mtwa. Police certainly stand out to Bhekizulu, her 41-year-old money manager beau, after her family opened her cellphone and found upsetting messages, purportedly sent by him,” the distribution reports.

Upsetting pictures have begun coursing via online entertainment after the insight about her demise broke, a portion of the photos were showing the way in which she was pounded, the injuries all over, the injuries on her body, a portion of the proof that arose was the screen capture of the messages she got from the man whom she was attempting to dump, however she didn’t adore enough to see the day without an oppressive man, she was killed like a lawbreaker.