“I fear South African Men more than anything in the world” – Moitheri Pheto

I fear South African Men more than anything in the world, according to South African actress Moitheri Pheto.

Moitheri Pheto, a well-known South African actress who played Miriam in the Oscar-winning 2006 film Tsotsi, recently expressed her irrational dread of South African men on Twitter. To achieve just that, the South African actress posted a picture of a news item with graphic depictions of murdered children on her verified Twitter account.



The somber headline of an article that the well-known South African actress tweeted wondered, “How many more must die?” According to a piece written by Moitheri Pheto and shared on her official Twitter account, 549 children have died in South Africa so far this year.

In addition, it has been reported that three kids are killed in South Africa every single day. Because of this, the South African actress has openly acknowledged that she is scared of men in her country.

Moitheri Pheto, who wrote the above caption, felt a deep and abiding dread of South African men.

However, many South Africans’ reactions to Moitheri Pheto’s allegation were predictably nuanced. Even still, other commenters stressed that further social problems still needed fixing.