“I don’t like how you make this look easy” fans left stunned by Connie Ferguson’s recent workout.

Some things even if you try so hard, you won’t get them. Sometimes life just works in it’s own way. Some people don’t have to work hard to get something, while others have to actually sweat and even fail a couple of times before they get it. That’s just how life goes.

We’ve all seen just how flexible and energetic actress and executive producer Connie Ferguson is. Well the actress gets her love and stamina for working out, from her father. The old man is over his 60s but he still works out and even makes it look easy.


Connie normally boxes or skips a rope. This time around she worked on her abs. She used the stretching wheel. She revealed that she hadn’t done it in a long time but she made it look very easy. Her fans and her daughter Lesedi voiced out how she makes it look easy while they suffer. Unfortunately it is not in their blood.