I didn’t marry for money: MaKhumalo

There have been questions raised about why a young woman like Thobile MaKhumalo Mseleku would enter into a polygamous relationship in 2022, with theories ranging from a desire for money, fame, or desperation, to a fantasy of that type of marriage. Mseleku has faced allegations that she married a man who already had a wife and chose to be a second wife, motivated by what she referred to as “gold-digging” or a love of money in exchange for a relationship or marriage.



In response to these allegations, Mseleku went live on social media to address the issue, stating that she has known her husband for years and he had been trying to date her for a long time. She said that she agreed to date him, but was never offered any money and still works for her own money. Mseleku expressed frustration with those who are saying she is in the relationship for financial gain, claiming that they are making her look bad in the eyes of the community and labeling them as haters who secretly wish they were in her position.