I destroy very easy when I am hurt, and I pride myself with that, Gogo Maweni’s words exposed

Some of the things we say have a way of coming back to haunt us. A well-known Sangoma once shared her story without realising that the public would judge her words one day. In the past, Gogo Maweni admitted that she is a joyful person who readily falls in love.

However, when she is pushed to the limit, she loses all self-control and will do whatever it takes to make the person who wronged her pay. When they saw what her baby fathers were going through, social media users came forward to share their own experiences. Both men have lost everything after failing to put a smile on her children’s faces in recordings that have gone viral on the internet.





Instead of rushing to court, Gogo Maweni announced on social media what will happen to people who harm her, especially when it comes to her children. Those are the words she posted on social media in the image above. On this video, she disclosed words that no male was prepared to hear. A post she wrote earlier echoes her statement.

Before you hurt a lady, consider what might happen next. They’re quick to forgive, but they can also inflict a lot of damage to you and people around you because that’s in their nature. Some people let go with ease, while others go the additional mile to see where you end up.

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