” I Can’t wait for Kelly Khumalo to go to jail so Jub-Jub can get his son”, says Chris Excel

“I can’t wait for Kelly Khumalo to go to jail so Jub Jub can get his son”, this are the words by a well known social media influencer, Chris Excel.

Apparently this is a reaction to what had just happened yesterday in court, when then Defence lawyer, Advocate Teffo Malesela said that one of his eye witness with come and testify that Kelly Khumalo is the one who shoot and killed her boyfriend, Late Bafana Bafana and Orlando Pirates.

The relationship between Kelly Khumalo and JubJub is not owk, with Kelly not really all allowing Jub Jub to have a proper access to the baby.




Now if Kelly Khumalo get arrested, this simple mean that, Jub Jub will be the only parent outside and he can fight for sole custody of the child.


“He’ll probably get supervised visitation. Kelly could have requested visitation in a child facility if she really wasn’t comfortable to have jub jub’s family to supervise, she’s definitely wrong for keeping the child away”

Source: https://twitter.com/ChrisExcel102/status/1532017453466890241?t=EkLcWANMBND-vY2BhkkuDw&s=19