Kelly Khumalo has had it with critics, especially Christian ones.

She has taken to social media to launch a scathing attack on Christian women, accusing them of being hypocrites.

Kelly Khumalo recently took to social media to share her dissatisfaction with the treatment she gets, allegedly from Christian women.

In a video on Instagram, the singer says that the women that judge the most are Christians.

“I realise that there is no one who will judge you more than the women who go to church every day,” she said.

“The ones who every Sunday are present without fail.”

Kelly went on to say that the worst social media trolls are those that claim to be “God’s favourite.”

“Even the ones who are talking nonsense about others on social media and dragging other people down on social media, judging and condemning.

“You go to their pages and: number one their life is in shambles. Number two they are somewhere on a dusty street and doing nothing about their lives.

Number three their favourite status is ‘God’s favourite daughter or son.’

Kelly then recommended that they fix their lives before commenting on other people’s lives.