I Blew It| R1 800 000, Keke changed the house paint every month

Keke has shocked many people after receiving his inheritance of R1 800 000, this is a lot of money and he did not have proper plans on what he will be doing with it. Keke has been described as someone who was very problematic when he was growing up and it looks like he never shopped at all. With so much money Keke only thought about making other people and doing things that are not useful at all. His friends were also there on the show because they contributed a lot to him for not spending the money wisely.


After receiving the money, Keke reveals that he used to change the house paint every month, because he was happy to have money and he wanted people to see. I mean this was a waste of money, changing a house paint every month was really unnecessary, because he removed the previous paint whi

le it was still good. Money does change people and Keke was playing along as well. He says people from the town were shocked to see what he was doing with the house, and I am sure that he was buying the most expensive painting in the country.

Keke enjoyed doing these things because he was the only child to his mother, he had no other responsibilities but now he does remember the money since he has nothing. His friend did not advise him to do better and spend his money wisely since his mother worked very for it hard.