“I am your woman” MaNtuli has not given up on dating Mr Kganyago

MaNtuli is playing with fire here

MaNtuli is not planning to give up on Mr Kganyago and no one has told her that he is dating Jacobeth. Jacobeth is now friends with Meikie. If Jacobeth finds out that MaNtuli was all over her man, she will tell Meikie and they will laugh at her for chasing after their men.


Mr Kganyago should just be honest with MaNtuli and just friendzone her. MaNtuli needs to focus on her children because they need her more than ever. MaNtuli even told Mr Kganyago that she is the HOD of the security.

She wants to score some points with Mr Kganyago. Mr Kganyago is a good man and everyone can see that, how long will he carry on this way. If he starts to cheat of Jacobeth, he will choose MaNtuli because she is currently the easy target for him to date.

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