I am not rich as my muvhango character, The lady reveals after robbers break into her home.

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I’m not rich as my Muvhango character, says a shaken Susan Ravuku after burglars break into her home.

She’s perused the narratives. She’s heard how her kindred entertainers were gone after out in the open by fans who couldn’t separate them from their characters.

Like back in 2018 when Skeem Saam’s Pretty, played by Lerato Marabe, imparted to Drum that a fan once approached her at KFC and slapped her.

Also, she’s not by any means the only one who’s needed to manage such treatment.

Presently Muvhango entertainer Suzan Ravuku is managing a ton. She’s shocked by how individuals are treating her recently.

Already she was tormented for her brown complexion tone, presently with the ongoing story line, individuals believe she’s rich.

She continually needs to investigate her shoulder particularly out in the open. She still sometimes utilizes public vehicle, she says.


“The jobs I have been playing expect you to be available and do the best that you can with it. It is great to assume a part to a point that individuals trust it yet to go with the end result of living in injury in light of the characters is startling.”

The entertainer, who plays Thifhelimbilu at first captures the Central’s youngster, and afterward as her personality developed she turned into this tenderpreneur whose life changes. She’s living enormous on the little screen. This unexpected abundance on the screen was the start of her concerns.

“Individuals think I have cash and they annoy me openly.

“I didn’t think it was an issue from the get go, I thought it was an approach to beginning a discussion with me. In any case, it later transformed into misuse and I utilize public vehicle and presently I’ve experience something that I never figured it would work out. Individuals turned out to be so inquisitive about my wealth that they have attacked my home and broken into my home to take my possessions,” she says.

Suzan says any place she goes, whether it is a carwash or café, when she pays individuals don’t give her change and utilize the things that are occurring in the soapie story line to keep her change and tip themselves since she is a “delicate prenuer”.

Then one day she returned home to a vacant house.