” I am a warrior “: Lamiez’s birthday photos causes a stir on social media

If there is something we as South Africans best look forward to with our celebrities, is their birthday content. Our stars never disappoint when it comes to going all out for their birthdays, the creativity of their content is on another level and it is what we are here for.

Today, 11th June is when one of our favourite DJ celebrities was born which today marks 30 years. The media personality took it to her social media to wish herself a good birthday with a touching message, what caused a stir is her birthday pictures of her looking like a warrior ready to take over her rightful place.





“Once upon a time(30 years ago, to be exact) a black princess warrior was born. Born in a world where warrior and princess were two opposing ideals. See whilst princesses wore big dresses and had long hair and light skin, warriors were big, full of life, and black. Princess was gentle and needed to be saved whilst warriors were strong, vilified, dark yet brave?

You Lamiez, you are and have always been both. You became the superhero you desperately needed as a child. You redefined what a princess is and broke every rule and every box that society tried to put you in. Happy birthday Ngwana Badimo,” read the post on Facebook.

Lamiez is one celebrity that has suffered bullying from her fans and followers and she has once shared how she was bullied as a kid for being the only black child in her family. But that did not put her down, instead, it elevated her from rising stronger than before.

I think what we could learn from Lamiez is how we need to love ourselves accordingly and appreciate our uniqueness and acknowledge that we are different from one another. Beauty is what defines all of us.