“I am a Singer, you are a Prostitute” Makhadzi.

Social Media was blazing on fire after screenshots of a swearing conversation between Makhadzi and Inno Morolong were shared. The unusual exchange of words seems to have taken place recently. Makhadzi is well known amongst South Africans and around the world as a musician with an electrifying energy.




On the other side Inno Morolong is not that much popular in South Africa and some people have even asked who is she. Inno is a celebrity wanna be, and is currently hosting some talk shows published on YouTube and other social media platforms. For now those who didn’t know her before would probably know her as the girl that insulted Makhadzi.

Apparently their heated argument which is uncalled for started after Inno wanted Makhadzi to refund money for an event she failed to attend. “Inno Morolong called Makhadzi out for not refunding the Dundee July event organizers after failing to show up for her scheduled performance.” Musa Khawula posted.

It is not yet known how their conversation elevated into insults because Makhadzi is known for being a humble and respectful artist. However, it seems like after getting all this fame and money, she is not going to let people bully her in the name of being humble.

Nonetheless, some people have suggested that she must remain the girl that doesn’t entertain any drama. Apparently that is why and how she won hearts of many people who respected her. Now that she starts fighting, she might lose all the respect given to her. Unfortunately sometimes as a person you just can’t take it anymore.

It surprised so many people when Makhadzi said to Inno, “nna le wena a re tswane wena o legosha nna keseopedi” in Sepedi which means “we are not the same, you are a Prostitute and I’m a singer.”