“I am a singer and you are a prostitute, go and fight with other slay queens “- South African artist

South African award winning artist Makhadzi is fighting with Club host Inno Morolong on Instagram and everyone is on Makhadzi’s side because Inno is always fighting with people. Inno leaked screen shots of their fight and sent them Musa (entertainment blogger) and people are coming at her for doing that. They think she just wants to trend using Makhadzi’s name. Others even said she is mentally unstable.


“According to my opinion, Makhadzi is slowly losing the responsibility of being a super star. You can’t go around calling young women who are hustling a prostitute. This interaction is so unnecessary.” Said @Mace_za1

“Makhadzi is rich. She can get body implants but she remain natural, no skin bleaching, no fake bum no fake curves, no fake straight nose. People are not used to women who make it in this industry and remain natural. Makhadzi is a good role model to kids.” Said @Anza_Musandiwa.