“I always joke and say he is my TV husband” Minnia Dlamini claims about Lungile Radu

Minnie Dlamini takes it to social media to share that she always jokes about calling Lungile Radu her “TV husband”, she says this after showing appreciation to him after they have been working together on their show.



Minnie Dlamini says Lungile Radu had always been like a brother to her and she is thanking him for always been there for her. She also added by saying that they both work on TV/Film industry togwther and also sharing the same ideas. Lungile Radu is one of the talented people in the entertainment industry.

Fans took this a wrong way by saying that it has not been a while since she was divorced and now she calls Lungile her husband. People need to understand that Minnie Dlamini says she was joking around, but everyone on social media takes everything seriously. They say Lungile should protect his reputation.

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