Husband catches his wife red handed at a fast food outlet

A man got the shock of his life after he stumbled upon his wife cheating on him at a fast food outlet.

The husband got more than he had bargained for after his wife told him off at the parking lot before going away with her alleged boyfriend.



That incident was recorded on cellphone footage and those who experienced the drama unfolding.

It is alleged that the womans husband got a tip off that his wife was busy cheating on him.

His wife works at a fast food outlet and he decided to drive to her work place and that is were the drama unfolded.

Sinikhiwe Phiri-Machanja (42) left her Toyota (registration number withheld) parked at the complex, which houses a leading fast food outlet, on Thursday evening. She was driven out of the premises by Timothy Nyoni.

But Timothy denied that he was dating Sinikiwe. He told those present that he is only her mechanic and they were testing her car after repairs.

Timothy alleges that George overreacted to the whole situation and he was just caught in the crossfire.


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