Hungani Ndlovu And Stephanie Sandows Age Difference.

Are you a fan of the Scandal actors Hungani Ndlovu (Romeo) and Stephanie Sandows (Ingrid)? Well, you might be surprised to know that their 4-year age difference has everyone talking! Some people were shocked to find out that Stephanie is actually three years older than Hungani.


But you know what, age is just a number, and this amazing couple proves it! Despite the age difference, they are head over heels in love and absolutely adorable together. They don’t shy away from showing their affection for one another, and that’s why they are the ‘it couple’ in Mzansi. So, let’s focus on their love and wish them all the happiness in the world.

Reports reveal that Hungani and Stephanie had initially connected on the set of Scandal. They had a beautiful courtship and eventually exchanged their wedding vows in 23, February 2019. The undeniable bond between the ‘it couple’ is evident through their sheer passion and commitment towards one another. They continue to weather any challenges that come their way, defying all odds and inspiring countless others with their love story.