Scandal actress Marjorie Langa “Gloria” is the CEO of a company

Marjorie Langa had no idea what she was getting herself into when she decided to leave her scientific job to pursue acting. The only thing she knew was that she was following her heart and doing what she was passionate about. Despite the passage of time, her brilliance and charisma continue to be formidable forces in the entertainment sector. The woman, like any other celebrity, has dabbled in the world of business, and she is doing well for herself. Did you know that Marjorie Langa has a real-life position as a CEO?

Marjorie Langa is the founder and CEO of Mokebe Solution, which she established in 2015. A wholesaler certificate from the Department of Energy has been granted to her company, which is 100 percent owned by black women. A license to wholesale petroleum and lubricants, which includes diesel, gasoline, biofuels, paraffin, and liquefied petroleum gas, has been granted to the company. Because of this, they are constantly on the search for new investors.






Marjorie also happens to be someone who has pursued a degree in medical technology in her previous life. Her family had high expectations for her in the medical and scientific fields, thus she chose Microbiology as her major. Following graduation, the actress went on to practice for a total of six years before deciding to pursue her dream of becoming an actress.

Marjorie describes her first audition as a complete and utter failure. The actress recalls that she went to the audition for a commercial with the impression that it would be like one of those official business meetings. She dressed up in fine attire only to discover that the role asked her to do nothing except giggle during the performance. She moved from job to job, and at first, life was difficult since she couldn’t afford to eat what she wanted when she wanted it. Marjorie recalls eating rice and soup for days on end and always paying her rent in advance since she had no way of knowing when her next paycheck would arrive.

More than a decade later, Marjorie Langa is a well-known actress who has played Gloria, the overbearing housewife, on ABC’s Scandal since its inception in 2012. The actress has appeared in a number of advertisements and has received a SAFTA award for her performance. She starred as Ntombi in the erstwhile popular daily television soapie Isidingo. Beyond that, she has worked on Generations, City Sesla, and just the Streets of Mangaung, to name a few of the projects.ome up with the insurance money, and she is proposing they do the unthinkable