HOZ: The moment we all have been waiting for | Funani and Ona reconcile as father and daughter.

There is only one moment we all have been burning for when watching House of Zwide; the moment of Onalerona and Funani Zwide being afforded the opportunity to know the truth about their true relationship. One thing that has caused House of Zwide to be furious is how the script writers, directors and producers delayed for this season to make it on our screen.

For the longest of time, Funani Zwide has not been at peace knowing that her daughter is alive but does not her whereabouts. This is one thing that has been causing chaos in his marriage with Faith Zwide, his wife. Faith Zwide is behind Onalerona’s missing because she sold her to Isaac whom is known to be his father at this point. Every time Funani Zwide speaks about Onalerona whom he named Zobuhle and not Onalerona, Faith Zwide just tries to cover that topic.




In the latest episode, Onalerona is seen chosen amongst the other interns chosen to design a dress for one of House of Zwide’s sponsors. This will cause Onalerona to have a more closer relationship with Funani Zwide as he will guide her on how to go about with the design. As Onalerona will expose all her design skills and talent, this will cause Funani to notice that they are alike and have the same kind of interests and personality.

This will cause him to have suspicions that Onalerona is his daughter and will hire private investigators to look deeper into this matter. A private investigator known as Peter will find information that Onalerona is indeed her daughter and Faith knew all this time which is why she was not comfortable with Onalerona working for House of Zwide.

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