How we know Faith Nketsi is not pregnant.

For the fans of Have Faith, a reality show following the life social media personality, dancer, entertainer and businesswoman Faith Nketsi received shocking news on the season finale of this season.

A little recap, in September Faith Nketsi received a brand new Range Rover for her current boyfriend as an anniversary gift and that was soo cute. She obviously had to give the other Range Rover to her fomer boyfriend since it was a gift from him and she ad new one from her current boyfriend.


Rumours of her gaining weight because of pregnancy started around November but she never addressed them probably because she was waiting for people to see it on her reality show. In the season finale of her reality show, Faith revealed that Faith did pregnancy test but did it come out positive or negative. But that wasn’t the only thing that happened, Faith also received a box with a ring, is she getting engaged?

When the episode ended, she was calling her boyfriend to come so they can discuss the way forward. Some people think the pregnancy test came back positive but here’s how we know she isn’t pregnant.

The episodes for Have faith were shot and edited a couple of months ago and if she was really pregnant her baby bump would be showing by now. From pictures taken yesterday you can clearly see that her tummy is still as flat as usual.


Another way we know is that she is still drinking. From recent content posted by Faith in the club we can see shes still drinking and enjoying herself.

And she posted on her Twitter page saying her pregnancy would be best left a secret. So chances are shes not pregnant. But atleast shes still enjoying herself and having fun. So those who think that pregnancy test was positive should really rethink.