How old was Shauwn Mkhize when she made her first million?

How old was Shauwn Mkhize when she made her first million?

KwaMam’Mkhize star, businesswoman and socialite, Shauwn Mkhize is amongst the wealthiest women in the country today. In a recent Instagram post, she revealed when she made her first million.

There are many young professionals around the country who dream of accumulating the kind of wealth that Shauwn Mkhize has. Her net worth, according to a number of sources, is in the hundreds of millions of rands  – and if you’re getting dizzy just thinking about all of the zeros in her bank account, then you’re not alone.

But she didn’t become a mega-multi millionaire overnight. It took a lot of hard work and smart decisions in her early career. ‌

“When I made my first million”

The property and business mogul recently reached a milestone of 1 million followers on her popular Instagram account and it is there that she revealed that she made her first R1 million at the age of 21. While her current age isn’t known, she’s believed to be in her 30s.

She was in a celebratory mood as she wrote on the platform, “Then she goes and put a Power suit …..2 of 6 ….cause this has brought back memories and reminds me when I made my first 1M in rands now not in followers the feeling was the same except that I didn’t want it to live my account mind you I was only 21years old”

She’s proven to be an inspiration for the masses and her followers were understandably in awe of the fact that she reached such a big financial landmark at such a young age in her career.

In another post, Mam’Mkhize threw herself a “1 million followers” celebration with balloons, confetti and all and also thanked her fans for helping her reach this landmark when she wrote, “Words cannot explain my gratitude for the love that you have showered me with. I am humbled and will forever be grateful.”

SARS Ruining The Party?

It seems as if the only people who could have dampened the mood on this joyous occasion were the individuals from SARS.

In October it was reported that the South African Revenue Services had closed down one of Shauwn Mkhize’s companies due to unpaid taxes but the business mogul was not having any of the slanderous reports. She hit back by saying at the time, “We went to tax court with SARS, the matter was appealed and we reached a settlement with SARS. Now everybody is getting excited about this like it is a new thing. In any case I have instructed my lawyers to appeal this judgement.”

Regardless of the drama, Shauwn Mkhize has proven to many that if you start building wealth at an early age, you can reach all of your financial goals and enjoy the fruits of your labour in your adult years.

Are you inspired by Shauwn Mkhize’s rise to fame and fortune?