How is the former health minister Dr Zweli Mkhize and Royal Am boss Shauwn Mkhize related

A few months ago, “ Shauwn Mkhize “stirred up the internet when she posted pictures of herself with Dr. “Zweli Mkhize “and his son “Dedani”. She said in her post that she had made the big sister decision to help her “beloved father” and her “little brother” get along.


As was to be expected, the tweet generated discussion among Twitter users who wanted to know if Dr. “Zweli Mkhize “was actually “Shauwn Mkhize’s “father.





This got the rumours making rounds that the two might be related somehow and connected. Some went as far as speculating that “Dr Zweli Mkhize “might be the father of businesswoman and socialite “Shauwn Mkhize”.

In this essay, the connection between “Dr. Zweli Mkhize “and “Shauwn Mkhize “is explored. Dr “Zweli Mkhize “has been known for sometime now compared to “Ma Mkhize “who has just arrived now, Dr “Zweli Mkhize” has been in the national government for sometime and is someone who is presenting a private lifestyle.

“Zweli Mkhize “has not revealed much of his family he is someone who like to keep his private life private away from the media.

In that case we don’t have much info of him and his family. As for “Shaun Mkhize “has a reality show where she talks about her lifestyle she never talks more about her family and her parents.

“Shauwn Mkhize”,” Dr. Zweli Mkhize”, and “Dedani”, through Instagram pictures this is one of the things that spiked the allegations that they might be related or of the same blood for that matter.

Despite having the same last name, every evidence suggests that “Dr. Zweli Mkhize “is not the father of the businesswoman and president of “Royal Am”. But it is said that the two are someway related.