How Bontle Modiselle’s voice got heads spin (Video)


Bontle Modiselle got jaws to drop and head spin with her singing voice.

The South African choreographer decided to jump on a Tik Tok trend, where you flex your voice using the So This is Love viral song.





Bontle shared the video on Instagram and it got lots of people talking, especially celebrities. Most persons said they couldn’t believe she was the one singing, as her voice is good and she’s blessed with a sonorous voice.

A few persons also sang her praises for being multi-talented.

I don’t do this often but here’s something I wanted to share…this is love,” Bontle captioned video.

Reactions be like:

Duma Ntando: “Excuse me??? What can you not do?! Forgive us!”

Tato Mosehle: “When you started I thought “oh she’s lip syncing to beautiful vocals”… I almost fell over when I realised it’s really you!!! Yoh beautiful voice.”

Nina Hastie: “Take everything Bontle. Take it. Take it all. You can have everything I own.”