#HouseofZwide|Views reacts after Ona receives the bad news from a stranger on her home, see details


It looks like Molapo ex-girlfriend is trying to use the news that she heard from Rea as the opportunity that can work for her, where she has told Ona that she is her biological mother in front of the whole family last night on the show.

Viewers have express their concerns on this issue and they are not happy at all and they are worried about the storyline that the show is using.


But Rea has to be blamed for this one because she has brought the devil into her home, and this might cause serious damage to her marriage because this woman is here to get back with Molapo and Ona’s issue might be her huge opportunity for that.

It looks like Zwide will take time for him to know his daughter and this thing is causing serious problems for the little girl, where she has to suffer while her own family is still around and she works with them every day.

The truth has to come out so that all families can find closure on this issue that has happened.