#HouseOfZwide|Shoki gets her confidence back and compete with Mampho again, see details


The competition is getting tougher at the house of Zwide after Shoki made a huge return at the competition, after it has caused a serious headache for her in the past weeks due to Nkosi who was trying to sabotage her.

But this time things are about to go down as she feels that nothing can stand in her way, but with someone like Mampho standing in the way things might be tricky, because she will try everything to make sure that she is the one that becomes successful in the competition.



Both Mampho and Shoki have dated Nkosi before and Mampho is having a child with him which might make things, more complicated because they don’t want to be dragged into the scandal where they are exposed of nepotism in their company, which is something that can cause havoc in the future because they are having a new competition.