House Of Zwide:The Molapos Are In Denial Over The Accusations A Soka Is There For Ona


Funani has a firearm on him, he is directing it toward Issac. He needs to hear reality however Isaac isn’t willing to let it out with such ease. Onalerona, Lefa, Kele and Rea were hanging tight for Isaac however they understood he is taking such a long time. They chose to take a Uber to the place of Zwide party, the party is for Ona.






Confidence is befuddled about how occupied Funani has been recently, he is in any event, behind schedule for the party. Sandile and Mampho’s companion showed up at the party, Sandile will be living with his dad for the present. Mampho’s companion found another spot, which was not a shock to Ona and Sandile.

Lefa is staying away from the party due to Nomsa, Dorothy told him not to push, he ought to come. Dorothy apologized to Nomsa on the grounds that she was burnt out on the ungainliness. Nomsa acknowledged the statement of regret, she even dismissed it.

Rea showed up at the party, Isaac is still not a single where in sight. Funani was seething when he showed up at the party, he hollered Faith’s name. He advised Faith and Rea to meet him in secretly, he came clean with Faith he knows. Confidence was without a doubt stunned, Rea was both amazed and stunned.

Funani got back alone, Rea asked him where is Isaac. Funani was disheartened by how Faith have been lamenting with him for the beyond couple of years, understanding how she treated Ona’s organic mother. On the following episode, Isaac and Faith will be captured for the violations they have committed.

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