House Of Zwide’s Shoki is a dedicated and goal-oriented lady

Young and Talented, Shalate Sekhabi ‘Shoki’ from House of Zwide’s age gets Mzansi talking

Shalate Sekhabi has been hogging the headlines lately with her talent and private life news. In the wake of her getting the role-playing Shoki in House of Zwide, fans of the actress have been interested to know more about her beyond her television roles. After learning that she is the daughter of the famous Aubrey Sekhabi, interest grew as they wanted to see if she used her father’s fame to land roles.




Shalate Sekhabi has been doing fantastic role-playing the role of Shoki in House of Zwide. Shoki is a township girl who is best friends with Onalerona, an aspiring designer at the fashion house. In her interactions with her best friend, she crossed paths with the heir to The fashion house, and the two fell in love with Nkosi, a reformed former playboy who wants to do everything to make his relationship with Shoki last.

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However, despite all his efforts, he is unsuspecting when Mampho, an intern at his father’s company, seduces him. After that, Mampho threatens him with the secret of their one-night stand, so she gets favours at work. Nkosi finally tells his family, which gets Mampho fired, but she returns months later pregnant. She threatens Shoki and Nkosi’s relationship with the pregnancy, but they stand the test of time. Currently, the trio are trying the co-parenting thing, and Shoki is unbelievably good at it.

Actress Shalate Sekhabi’s age stuns Mzansi.
Shalate Sekhabi
Shalate Sekhabi-Image Source(Instagram/Shalate Sekhabi)

The level of maturity that Shoki shows in her role makes several fans assume that the actress is older than her actual age. Shelate Sekhabi was born in 2000, making her 22 years of age. This is a far cry from the age she plays due to the maturity of her character. Shoki sounds like someone in her mid-twenties due to her understanding of her step-mother’s situation with Nkosi’s child.

Sekahabi is just starting her career in front of the cameras. Even if she began to perfoming on smaller stages when she was younger, this is just the beginning of her acting career, and hopefully, more roles are coming. Her passion for acting started showing when she was only eight years old, and in her teens, she joined a drama school and choir simultaneously. However, her modelling career kicked off her limelight career as she is a natural beauty.

Sekhabi diversified her portfolio with a music career as she specialized in pop music. Her first single was dropped in 2020 called Lerato and is available n many streaming platforms. Recently she dropped her single hit Trust, which is the highlight of her career as a singer.