House Of Zwide:Here’s The Family Ona Chose | She Is Caught Between Two Families |

“Money drives you crazy” said Lefa to Nkosi, after they had a little fight. Funani and Rea are very worried about Onalerona whereabouts, they did not find. Finally, Rea received a message from Ona saying she is safe, Rea and Funani are relieved. They were so happy to hear the good news, they even hugged each other. Shoki could not believe what happened, she can only imagine what Onalerona is going through.


Onalerona is still confused about the family that raised her and her real family. She finds it hard to understand what is going on in her life, Soka told her not to worry because family is family, even if you are not related by blood. Ona was ready to break her virginity but Soka did not want her to take decision while she is emotional. He said he does not want to come across as a guy that takes advantage, Ona wants to be loved.

Nkosi wants Dorothy to stop dating Lefa because of the fight he had with Lefa. Dorothy shared the news with Zanele, hoping Zanele understands she can not just dump Lefa because of Nkosi. “What’s your plan, you can not hide forever. You jav” Soka asked Ona, “When I go back, who am I?” Ona responded. Soka told Ona whether she goes back to where she grew up or where her biological father lives, that is just a label.

Ona returned home, she hugged her family and said “I don’t want to leave, I want to stay here with you”. It looks like Mrs Zwide is not having the time of her life in jail, “I want to get out of here, this is not a place suitable for a person. I want to go home, I want to get out of here” said Mrs Zwide.

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