House Of Zwide: The Truth Is Revealed | Check Who Might Win The Competition |

Funani Zwide is willing to find Zobuhle, Nkosi suspects that Onalerona is the Zobuhle. Funani took Ona’s hair brush for DNA test, he even hired someone to do the DNA. He decided not to tell his wife, he told Nkosi to also not tell his wife. The truth is revealed, Nkosi’s dream is about to resolve past revelations.

Laz caught Ona working with Nomsa, he could not believe Ona is cheating after what she did to House Of Zwide. He also said Ona is given another chance but she is trying to screw it by working with someone. Nomsa told Laz to act like he did not see anything because she was the one who sold Ona’s dress without letting her know. You can tell that Laz sees potential in Ona, he decided to let her work with Nomsa.





Ona had three tickets, she gave one to Soka. She will be giving her parents the two tickets. She also said she will try and find tickets for Keletso and Molefe, Shoki is surprised Nkosi has not invited her for the fashion show. Nomsa is hoping Shoki will try and get an invitation for both of them, from her boyfriend. Dorothy really wants to spend time with Molefe, she even suggested they meet during the fashion show.

Molefe wants to attend the fashion show, hence he postponed spending time with Dorothy. The House Of Zwide Interns are having a tough time, they only have a few hours to finish their designs. Pearl brought the models, Ona had an altercation with Sandile because of a model. There is a lot of tension between the interns because the pressure is getting too much. Sandile could not believe that Ona is not willing to give him the model they both chose. A lot of viewers feel like Onalerona is going to be the winner of the House Of Zwide Interntionship. Who do you think is going to win?

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