House Of Zwide RECAP :Faith And Isaac Return To Their Homes

Isaac and his accomplice Faith are being released from police custody and returning to their homes. However, they arrived home at the same time.

Ona is vexing; she was ready to love and welcome a woman she thought had abandoned her, but she can’t accept the father from whom she was stolen. This is what I despise about soap operas. The writers rewrite the script and overlook minor details.





Faith will be used by Mampho to separate Nkosi and Shoki. She’ll pull the “don’t forget you owe me” trump card. She’s obviously forgotten she has nowhere to go. Nkosi can easily evict her while keeping Busi.

Funani should evict Faith and pull strings to ensure that she is blacklisted. No one should ever work with her, and no matter how wealthy she is, she will eventually go bankrupt. Please have Faith on her knees.

Even when we know the truth, we want to hear Mampho’s advice from a friend. Telling Zanele exactly what she wants to hear. Pearl is relocating to Dubai for a man. Laz should tell her the truth as soon as possible.