‘House Of Zwide or House Of Nkosi Wide?’ || The Series Is Losing The Storyline

Last year July, our hearts were broken with the +10 year Rhythm City coming to an end, but our hopes were not in despair as there were talks of a new exciting series called House Of Zwide, South Africa’s first ever Telenovela that focuses on fashion and the beauty of it.

The main storyline is of course about Onalerona Molapo, who was stolen as a baby and given that name by her supposed father Issac Molapo, she wants to be a fashion designer. Since she was stolen, her real identity is Zobuhle Zwide and, yes you guessed, it is the same as House Of Baroness, where a talented young designer finds out she got the genes from her real patent.

At first, that was the main focus, but ever since Shoki, Ona’s best friend, started dating Nkosi Zwide, the storyline went straight from the paternity of a lost child, to a love triangle faster than anything.



Yes, I am like you and I love the relationship between Nkosi and Shoki, but some of the things in the story don’t make sense and here’s a list of them.

First, Funani drew a picture of Ona, he sees it everyday but doesn’t connect the dots, second, Funani’s mother told him that Ona is a Zwide, third, Nkosi dreamed that Zobuhle is still alive, yet no one, not even a Funani himself is trying to find his lost child.

Ever since December, when Shoki broke up with, week in and week out, it has been them all the way, and now with the return of a pregnant Mampho, they get more screen time than the main star herself.

It could be that, HoZ is dragging the storyline till July, as it is scheduled to end in July, but now it’s no longer even about fashion, it’s about Nkosi Zwide’s love life, and if it was really about Ona, she would get 70% screen time with her real father Funani, designing and bonding.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Telenovela, just that some of the scenes don’t make up even one sense to people like me who want to be writers one day, and maybe soon the focus will go back, if not then I will watch again in June to July when it ends.