House of Zwide – Ona is back with a bang

It’s a rare occasion when reformed gangster Isaac (Jeffery Sekele) shows his vulnerable side, and he does just that to get his daughter Ona (Nefisa Mkhabela) her job back at fashion empire House Of Zwide.

He begs Ona’s former boss Funani Zwide (Vusi Kunene) to give her another shot. “Initially, Funani is in two minds about allowing Ona back after she quit following a misunderstanding,” explains Nefisa.

After consideration, Funani changes his tune, and he agrees to rehire Ona. After all, she was his star intern. Surprising everyone, Funani arrives at Ona’s home and asks her to return and she agrees on the spot.

Funani’s visit proves that he values Ona. She doubted herself as a designer, but after their conversation, she is confident enough to pick up where she left off at House Of Zwide.

Considering that the intern competition is ending, Ona rushes to complete her design for Jozi Fashion Week.




The tension between the interns intensifies after Ona walks into the House Of Zwide building. Seeing that there’s an ongoing competition, in which the intern with the best design will be awarded a permanent job at the fashion empire, the stakes are high.

Ona is certainly the biggest threat. She is a brilliant designer and the others fear that she’ll beat them, which she intends to do.

With a few weeks until Fashion Week, Ona is overwhelmed especially because she hasn’t started with her garment yet.

This is vital for Ona, and she is playing catch up. She puts everything aside to work on her new design, but that is still not enough as she runs out of time to compete her dress.