House of Zwide: Mzansi left in tears after this happened to Ona.

House of Zwide is one of the shows we have loved to watch. The story is about House of Zwide but Ona is one of the main characters that we have watched struggle through life.



Ona is the child of Funani and she does not know however she possesses all the qualities of a designer as good as a Zwide. He dream has always been to work at the House of Zwide but her father wants nothing to do with the Zwides.




Ona’s father wants Ona to become an accountant, and we guess he was hoping that Ona would one day get fired at House of Zwide so that she could finish school but Ona had her own plans in mind.


Ona has decided to leave school and focus on her dream of being a designer but at what cost?? Mzansi was left in tears after they witnessed Ona being kicked out of the house by her father because she refused to go to school.

It ended in tears because Ona is currently homeless. This shows how much she wants to work at House of Zwide.