House of Zwide – Is Zanele going to throw Faith under the bus?

Zanele (Londeka Mchunu) was in London when news broke that her mom Faith (Winnie Ntshaba) was responsible for the fire at the old Zwide house 20 years ago – the fire in which Zanele’s stepdad Funani’s (Vusi Kunene) first wife was killed.

But now she’s home and Zanele is going through a whirlwind of emotions – and it’s only the start of her turmoil.

Zanele has been part of the Zwide family since she was young. Funani and his son Nkosi (Wanda Zuma) are the only father and brother she’s ever known.

But both of them have turned their back on Faith since her secret came to light, and Zanele feels caught in between.

Zanele is taking a lot of strain from this whole ordeal, and she turns to Funani’s most trusted right hand Laz (Khaya Dladla) for comfort and refuge.

Laz has practically become part of the Zwide family, and while their loyalty is to Funani, Zanele feels that Laz is the only person who will listen to her and understand.




Even though Zanele would like to keep her stepfather in her life, she can’t turn her back on her mom. Faith will forever be her mom and if Zanele turns her back on her mother, that’s the end for Faith.

Faith’s relationship with her daughter has never been smooth; she looks at Zanele and sees weakness. As a result, Zanele has always tried to prove herself to her mother – prove that she’s strong and that she’s capable.

And remember, Faith is manipulative, she uses her daughter’s desperate desire for her approval to her advantage. Ai Faith is a problem!” Londeka laughs in disbelief of how low Faith is willing to go to save her skin.