House of Zwide: Funani Plays dumb with faith, How far will faith go to protect her secret?

Faith and Funani Were lovers 20 years ago. Mr Zwide was cheating on his wife, Nkosi and Zanele’s mother . Faith suddenly developed too much feeling for Finani and decided to take down Nkosi’s mother in order to have Funani all to himself . After the accident Nkosi had. He started having the flashback about the night his mother and sister died ,it hasn’t been nice at the Zwide  House. The psychologist who was referred to Mr Zwide managed to track down the sauce of Nkosi’s nightmares but Faith somehow managed to convince Issack who was her over back then during the time of the fire incident to silence the lady . She then called in Mr Zwide explaining to him that she had made a mistake with this whole situation. She insisted that she could have been wrong.


Funani started doing his investigations, calling in the detective who handled the case back then asking him so many questions. The detective didn’t let any word to slip through his mouth because he knows what is at stake , Faith would skin him alive if he were to betray her . When Funani got home from meeting with the detective, he told Faith that the detective had already told him the truth and that truth was that Nkosi’s little sister was dead .



Funani didn’t seem convinced by the detective’s answers during the time he was interrogating him and I’m sure he is just playing faith because he has Finally learned the truth about his wife’s involvement through all this . Mr Zwide is at the moment pretending to have lost hope into looking for his daughter in order to eliminate all the obstacles next to him so he can do his investigations in peace .payback time will surely come one day.