House of Zwide fans notice something strange about Mampho’s finger

When House of Zwide replaced Rhythm City in 2021, viewers were disappointed because they felt like they still wanted more of Rhythm City but House of Zwide producers stepped in and proved them wrong. According to Broadcast research council South Africa, over 4 million people tune in to watch House of Zwide from Monday to Friday. House of Zwide is a very unique drama that tells the story of fashion designer Funani Zwide and his long lost daughter Zobuhle.

Tinashe Eugene Mushanguri posted pictures of Nkosi, Shoki and Mampho with the caption ‘When a man has two wives its called polygamy’ on Facebook . Nkosi, who is Zwide’s son impregnated Mampho while in an on and off relationship with Shoki. Nkosi keeps declaring his love for Shoki and always makes it clear that Mampho is just a baby mama.




While people were busy taking sides, between Mampho and Shoki some noticed something strange about Mampho’s finger. Everyone’s first finger is shorter than all the fingers but Mampho’s first finger is almost half her ring finger. People are wondering if the camera didn’t capture it right. Have a look at Mampho’s finger below :

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