House Of Zwide: Faith Is Out Of Jail | Here’s The First Thing She Did | Funani And Nkosi Turn Their

Lefa apparently knew Isaac’s secret but he decided not to tell anyone, including his sister. Dorothy is surprised at how long Lefa has been looking at his sister’s eyes and decide not to tell her the truth. Lefa tried to explain himself to Doro but Doro wanted to leave. He begged her to stay, Nkosi arrived at the restaurant. Lefa lost it but he did not fight Nkosi because of Doro. Pearl has made up her mind, she is going to Dubai with her boyfriend. Laz felt guilty, he told Pearl the truth.

Laz told Pearl he paid Tiro to go on a date with her, Pearl did not believe it. Pearl laughed at what Laz said, she asked Tiro. Tiro admitted what Laz said was true, Pearl is heart broken. Nkosi and Funani are upset that Faith was enable for a hundred thousand (100k) bail, Funani was relieved to hear that Faith can only access her money through someone close to her. Nkosi and Funani are starting to believe that Zanele has stopped helping Faith, they are hoping Faith rot in jail. Zanele decided to help her mother with the money, Faith is out of jail.




Zanele booked a hotel room for Faith but the lawyer said a hotel is not a right place for a person who just got bailed out of jail. Lefa helped Isaac with his bail because he does not want Rea to know he knew the truth. Isaac returned home, Onalerona was surprised/shocked. The first thing Faith did was to go to Funani’s house because she is still his wife. Next episode, Faith comes back but Funani and Nkosi turn their backs on her. Rea kicks Isaac out and he finds himself at Bra Carter’s mercy. Molefe persuades a reluctant Ona to meet with Isaac.

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