House Of Zwide Awards: Winners And Best Dressed

The new eTV hit show House Of Zwide ended its first season effective July 15, 2022, and awarded the cast with grants to celebrate the achievement.

The show facilitated an event in Rosebank, Johannesburg on July 15, where entertainers, make-up artists, wardrobe and team individuals looked respectable when the time finale arrived.

Location of Zwide Awards



Funani Zwide, Onalerona and Isaac Molapo at Zwide House. [Image: eTV]

Place Of Zwide has been running for a year at this point and will cherish the memory of its most memorable episode, which aired on July 19. In the recently reported selections for the South African Film and Television Awards, the telenovela cleared an incredible eight nominations.

As noted by entertainment columnist Phil Mphela, Place Of Zwide is currently the second most watched program on eTV, with 4.6 million viewers.

Location of Zwide Awards

Onalerona (Nefisa Mkhabela) and Faith Zwide (Winnie Ntshaba) at the House Of Zwide Awards. [Image: eTV]

The House Of Zwide Awards hosted on July 15 was a fun and rich affair as the entertainers and team looked dazzling. The following are the winners and best dressed actors at the service.