House of Zwide actors Paballo Mavundla ‘Sandile’ and Sikelelwa Vuyeleni ‘Nambitha’ set for exit

Actors Paballo Mavundla (Sandile) and Sikelelwa Vuyeleni (Nambitha) of House of Zwide are about to leave the show.

The brilliant Sandile and Nambitha were first presented to us in the House of Zwide series when it premiered in July 2021. These two were fashion house interns vying with Mampho and Ona for the assistant designer position at the end of the year. The conclusion of the Jozi fashion week marked the end of their internship year last week. Ona was chosen as the winner by Funani following the conclusion of House of Zwide’s showcase. As a result, Sandile and Nambitha had to bid the fashion house farewell.

Sandile is played by Paballo Mavundla in House of Zwide.

In the group of new interns, Sandile was the only cool male intern. Throughout the year, he was the most supportive of the others. He developed a crush on Onalerona at the start of the season but lost her to her best buddy Soka. Sandile fell in love with Zanele Zwide after breaking his heart, but she relocated to Paris for work. He had been managing his internship and his long-distance relationship with Zanele.




Sandile declined Zanele’s offer to advocate for him to her father because he preferred to compete on an even playing field. Because he needed the internship and his little brother was being abused by his stepmother at home, he took on the role of legal guardian to protect him. His hopes were dashed, but the house offered to find him a new position at a different fashion firm.

Nambitha is played by Sikelelwa Vuyeleni in House of Zwide.

Nambitha, the privileged black girl with a white brother, slammed into our screens. She grew up with the De Villiers, who treated her as family, and it was later revealed that her mother worked as a maid for a wealthy white couple. This turned a harsh playboy and one of Nkosi Zwide’s old best buddies into her brother. But after a disagreement with the de Villiers, Nambitha’s mother moved out and told Nambitha not to accept presents from them.

Nambith made an effort to act fairly when she was an intern, but Laz was always looking for someone with more potential. She ruined Ona’s dress out of envy, which caused Ona to lose that little competition. They eventually reestablished their friendship when she expressed regret. Ona’s final dress was even finished with assistance from Nambitha and Sandile. She begged Faith to let her stay after they lost, but it didn’t work.

Are Sikelelwa and Paballo Mavundla slated to leave the House of Z?

The two young actors will shortly say their final goodbyes to the cast and crew of House of Zwide. They were invited to a party that Laz had promised to organize for Onalerona to celebrate her accomplishment. Zanele and Sandile are currently dating, although their time on the cast has come to an end. For the time being, the actors will be concentrating on their other endeavors.