House of Zwide actor Motlatsi Mafatshe ‘Molefe’s age and net worth stuns Mzansi

Motlatsi Mafatshe”/>Motlatsi Mafatshe is a household name and his visage is instantly identifiable to the majority of South Africans. He has been one of the most popular actors in Mzansi for decades. The actor is currently a recurrent character on House of Zwide, and his on-screen battle has been trending in recent days.
Motlatsi’s role in House of Zwide as Molefe

Motlatsi Mafatshe plays Molefe in the fashion drama telenovela, a position she has held from the series’ premiere. Molefe is Onalerona’s uncle as well as the brother of Ona’s stepmother and only mother, Rea. Even though he has personal and business troubles, he is constantly looking out for his family, which has lately gotten him into difficulty.

Motlatsi Mafatshe as MolefeMotlatsi Mafatshe as Molefe-Image Source(Instagram/Tlatsi83)

Due to Isaac’s imprisonment for kidnapping Ona, Molefe is now responsible for taking care of the family. In light of this, Molefe loses control of his emotions, resulting in a confrontation with Nkosi Zwide and a subsequent conflict between the two families. Molefe has always been viewed as one of the children in the Molapo household due to the frequent errors he makes. In addition, due of his youthful appearance, the actor looks to be younger than he actually is.
Motlatsi Mafatshe’s age and Net worth

Motlatsi was born in 1984, making him 38 years old this year, older than the majority of his followers believed him to be. In 2005, Mafatshe debuted as Elalini in a short video, marking his entry into the entertainment sector. Two years later, in 2007, he began his television debut as Casper in When We Were Black. After then, his career took off, and he has never been without a part for an extended period. Before House of Zwide, Motlatsi’s most recognized part was in Isidingo, where he was a member of the company for over 10 years.

Actor Motlatsi MafatsheMotlatsi Mafatshe-Image Source(Instagram/Tlatsi83)

In addition to his great acting career, Motlatsi has been a popular musician under the moniker Tlatsi for numerous years. While studying for his degree at the AFDA, the musician concentrated in music. Many of his devoted fans find it amusing that his major occupation is acting rather than music.

When the Covid epidemic struck the world two years ago, the entertainment industry began to decline, and many artists were forced to find alternative sources of revenue to support themselves. Motlatsi began a side agricultural business that supported his family throughout the lockdown. According to rumors, the actor has an estimated net worth of R4 million, the majority of which comes from his rigorous performing career.


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