‘Hope you suffer’: Faith Nketsi slams troll over nasty comments

On Friday this week, South African reality TV star and socialite Faith Nketsi finally shared photos of her daughter Sky who she shares with controversial businessman husband Nzuzo Njilo. For the past year or so, Faith has kept baby Sky’s face hidden despite fans begging her for a glimpse. It would appear her decision was for the best after a troll shared a nasty comment under the post.

Not taking it laying down, Faith slammed the troll who was also blasted by other Twitter users who couldn’t believe the audacity.FAITH BLASTS TROLL WHO MADE DISGUSTING COMMENT ABOUT HER BABY
Posting your child on social media isn’t always the best decision. This is because the internet is filled with all sorts of weirdos and trolls hiding behind fake profiles and made up names.


Faith Nketsi just experienced this after she posted her little girl for the first time.

Faith Nketsi mistake baby face
Faith Nketsi and her baby. image via Instagram @faith.nketsi
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In the comment section, one nasty troll made a disgusting comment about the adorable little one who Faith had successfully hidden from the world until now.

“Ba mo emetse bo Jolof boys..she gon be twerkin for a plate of egusi,” the person wrote.

Not leaving it at that, Faith responded angrily to the troll and wrote, “F*%k you. I hope you suffer!” she wrote.

A number of social media users headed to the comment section to defend the media personality and her little girl. A number of them told the troll where to get off.

“Come on bra, you can’t honestly be this person,” one person said while another added:

“You’re disgusting for this.”