‘Honey bee, light my fire’: Bontle Modiselle serves heat with photos

South African dancer and television presenter, Bontle Modiselle has recently been serving all sorts of sauce and heat with her snaps.

From her black fiery ensemble to the hot red number she donned, the choreographer and TV presenter ate and left no crumbs.


Taking to her Instagram timeline she shared images from a professional shoot, she captioned her snaps “Honey Bee” and asked her fans: “What’s your favourite frame?”

Previously speaking to the publication about the impact of her career beyond our borders, Bontle swelled with pride recalling American singer Kelly Rowland visiting her dance studio in Johannesburg and being invited to the Roc Nation Grammy brunch.

“You don’t think there are certain eyes on you. You just show up and do your work and don’t realise that somewhere out there is someone many kilometres away who sees your work and appreciates it,” she said.

“It was wild for me that Kelly wanted to visit the studio and it was wild for me that she knew who I was and wanted to get into the studio. It was incredibly humbling because she is someone I grew up watching. That was incredible.”