Home Decorating Trends to Try in 2019

Home Decorating Trends to Try in 2019 But, have you considered vibrant colors and African themes to enhance that chic ambiance?

Well, we admire the beauty of an eye-catching home with an African theme in its entirety, from the elegant layout and color scheme of the living room to the sleek and stylish hues of the bathroom.

There’s so much to adore from this type of cosy home and we’re giving you some inspiration!


Mixing textures

It’s a tried-and-tested tip that mixing and matching textures ensures much more character in a room, and in 2019 this trend pretty much exploded.

The most popular materials to combine in your home? Wool, followed by leather and fringe furniture.

Try putting these beauties together in your home and see what visual appealing style can happen.

Let your dining room tell a story

Let your bedroom transport you

Great buys make a huge difference