Hlomla Dandala and Sindi Dlathu leaving no stone unturned on The River (Opinion)

It’s season five they still have more to give out of their characters, it can only be Hlomla Dandala and Sindi Dlathu.They are the onscreen couple the Dikana’s on the telenovela The River.They both deserve to be given their flowers while they are still alive.It is glorious to see how they keep naturing their characters in-fact they are inseparable with them.There are people who are called to be in the entertainment industry Hlomla and Sindi falls into the category.It is evident that they have respect for their craft and fans who adores them.

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These two legends leaves no stone unturned when it comes to giving birth to their characters.It is as if they are a real couple that’s how realistic and magical their work is.Kudos to writers,producers and directors for being able to choose them for these roles.From season one Lindiwe Dikana and Zwelethu have been making sure that everyone is sitting at the edge of their chairs.The duo is perfect for their respective roles.It is ironic that they have been on the entertainment industry for more than decades and they still deliver as if they are the fresh blood.

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This shows that entertainment is their life perhaps it’s their first love and not an option.With season five twists and turns on their characters they both have delivered and left their fans in awe.They are the epitome of raw talent and hard work.On each and every episode they deliver more than one’s expectations one can never have full knowledge of what to expect from them.See the link below: