Hleziphe Got Herself In A Big Trouble With The Songoma See What’s Going To Happen To Her

The sangoma is very angry after what Hleziphe did to him see if he’s still going to help her or what.






Hleziphe is esteeming reprisal since she showed Nonka video of her and Kwanda and let Nonka in on that she wants her blessings,and audit Nonka told her exactly the same thing coming about to being in relationship with Kwanda,and understands that Hleziphe won’t anytime be overjoyed about it,so Hleziphe is exuberant on the grounds that her Muthi is working,even in any case Kwanda told her that it was misstep to put down with her.

Hleziphi flipped around her closest friend’s life this month (May) when she directed a sangoma to persuade Kwanda.

Hleziphi (Sibongiseni Shezi) and Kwanda will definitively start dating after Nonka watches them having sex – but their relationship will not persevere after her revelation.

“Hleziphi finally takes a jump forward in her relationship with Kwanda.”

Anyway it is foggy the manner by which Hleziphi’s secret will be revealed, we anticipate that she will be constrained to confess all not permanently set up to take her past sidekick’s life.

“Kwanda and Nonka are shocked by Hleziphi’s confirmation.”

The secrets also uncover that Hleziphi will ask her past ally for her work back and that Kwanda will disappear from Nonka’s life.

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