High Praises For Radio 2000 Presenter As He Started His New Timeslot Show After Being Moved AGAIN.

Radio 2000 Presenter Justice ‘Just Ice’ Ramohlola suffered another setback after he was again moved from his current time slot to another, the experienced Just Ice who has been in radio for years had to start his new show late in the night from 9pm until midnight, from his usual time of 7pm till 10pm.

Just Ice was moved from his popular breakfast show Planet Haaibo in 2019 so that he could make way for Phat Joe who didn’t last as well, Just Ice was then moved to the show Ice Soul Therapy between 7pm and 10pm a show he had settled in for 3 years and listener’s had finally gotten used to him on that show, and now he has the task of growing his new show called Mmino Mmino every Monday to Thursday.

One thing Just Ice has is the talent he has and that’s what Radio needs, he has a huge following when it comes to radio. His listener’s follow him from one show to another as was evident on his first show when he took to the airwaves, the Radio 2000 Twitter page was flooded with his fans leaving messages of support and praises for the Dj, with some even saying that they will have to adjust their sleeping times to accommodate Just Ice on his new timeslot. Below are some of the messages from his loyal listener’s and fans.